HOPE for HAITI Project

H<font color=990000>OPE FOR HAITI</font color=990000><br> Project
Meet a group of hard working people living in rural Haiti who survive by farming the old way - without machinery or adequate garden tools. Can you imagine trying to cultivate a garden with a shovel that has a handle made from a tree branch?

High-quality garden tools are not readily available in Haiti - and having them makes things a whole lot easier for these farmers to support themselves and their families. Haitians are hard working people who want to help themselves - and these basic garden tools allow them to do it.

For less than you might be spending on coffee this month, you can greatly change the lives of these farmers. Your donation will make an incredible difference by giving these hard working folks the opportunity to help themselves.

100% of all donations goes directly to purchase new garden tools from our sponsor vendors like CORONA - at a fraction of the cost we would normally pay for these tools.

After starting the video, please press the "FULL SCREEN" button on the bottom right corner to enlarge the player.